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Red Jasper / Labradorite / Tiger Eye (108 6mm)

Red Jasper / Labradorite / Tiger Eye (108 6mm)

Hand Crafted pendant from India, Solid Brass with Red Jasper, set between Labradorite, Tiger Eye, Green Fluorite, Turquoise, and hand tooled brass accents between Red Jasper spacers.  Protection, Protection, Protection.


If you're on a quest to shed old negative programing that's causing you depression and bad vibrations these stones have traditionally been carried for such a thing. Labradorite aids in the release of negative energy and creates a protective barrier. Tiger Eye protects against curses and is considered to be helpful with dis-ease and dis-comfort of the mind. Turquoise helps with depression while highly protective qualities of Green Fluorite help to understand when outside influences are affecting your judgment. It can break the hold of emotional trauma and access intution.  Red Jasper enhances the spell, surfacing problems into the light before they become overwhelming.


So, if you are seeking to shift energy in your life towards a more positive lifestyle these stones may be just what you're looking for: a gentle reminder that you're safe and capable of change, gathering courage to walk the Warrior's Path.