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Smokey Citrine / Fluorite (Sterling Silver) (108 6mm)

Smokey Citrine / Fluorite (Sterling Silver) (108 6mm)

Rare and super expensive the Smokey Citrine is known as the philosopher's stone. These true Citrines are saught after for its ability to transmutate the human soul, grant the heart's desire, and even manifest one's own will.  Fluorite is associated with the ability to transform energy from negative into positive vibration. The purple Phosphosiderite stone calms and heals the heart. Aqua Chalcedony promotes the allignment of the mind, body and soul. It removes self-doubt and promotes self-confidence.


Super7, also called the Sacred Seven or the Melody Stone, can only be found in one place on earth;  they Minas Gerais region in Brazil. Super7 combines Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Lepiodrocite, Smokey Quartz, Rutile, Geothite, Cacoxenite. This super charged little bead packs quite a healing punch. In a nutshell it reaffirms your personal Power.  Peridot, little green nuggets of positive power, provide prosperity and abundance.  A touch of Citrines, also called Golden Amethyst, bring optimism and an invitation to take positive action while cleansing the mind opening up new thought patterns. Hidden in the Flourite are some Charoite, an extremly rare stone only found in Siberia. This stone is deeply transformative and stimulates the growth of the higher forms of love within the soul.


This Mala is for an advanced healer or light worker who are awakened and grounded in thier practice.  AHO!

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