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Beryl Emerald / Rose Quartz (Sterling Silver) (108 6mm)

Beryl Emerald / Rose Quartz (Sterling Silver) (108 6mm)

Pink Beryl (Morganite), a form of Emerald is believed to tune the Heart Chakra, bringing forth pure innocent love and compassion. The wearer is granted Heart Healing creating space to enjoy life and living. This particular prayer combines Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Super 7, Rodonite, and Rhodochrosite, with Sterling Silver accents. A smoldering love potion if I ever saw one.


This piece would suit those in search of emotional healing, recovering lost gifts, cultivating self love, forgiveness, self worth, releasing old wounds, and letting go of painful memories.  The Greeks speak of seven types of love, this set surely relates to all of them. If you are just starting your healing journey or exploring deeper healing this piece is a hug on a difficult day, a soft embrace from the center of mother earth.


Repeat after me, "I am worthy of love, for I am created in love." 

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